We hope to download many more photos on this page  !

These first 2 are from the lens of Keith Chapman our Vice Chairman

Just two of the freight companies that bring limestone, ballast, biomass fuel and many other products such as new vans and container traffic , that come through Reddish South.   It is a vital freight link but surveys and an official  feasability study have proved that a new passenger service could provide an half hourly service in each direction without blocking any freight or junctions along the line

This guy  Jamie Pfeifer came all the way from St Louis  Missouri to ride the once a week “Ghost Train” as he is a “Railroad” fan .  He is also a superb Stock Car Driver and has represented the USA in the  Stock Car World Championship at Belle Vue Stadium Manchester & Coventry Stadium Warwickshire in the 70’s and 80’s.  If you check out YouTube “Jamie Pfeifer crash Coventry” you will see him in a spectacular crash last year in the “Heritage Class ”  Stock Cars,  as Jamie has now retired from serious racing, although you would not think so from this video  !   !

It was a great honour for Treasurer Dot Ashworth ( above left)  & Secretary Kim Burrows to be presented with a “Community Heroes” award from MP for Denton and Reddish, Andrew Gwynne in early September.  He took the opportunity of coming  down to the Station Platform with Cllr Tom Grundy and technical expert Noel Henry to present Dot and Kim with their certificates.