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Welcome to the Friends of Reddish South Station

This site will keep you updated about the progress of the  “Friends Of Reddish South Station” group that was originally formed back in 2007 and as you can see has just celebrated a landmark anniversary.  The FoRSS group aims to tidy and maintain the little used station. Its long term aim is to fight for the introduction of a regular service to Stockport and the south and Manchester Victoria to the northwest.

Our main point of contact for news or official items is the Secretary FORSS, e-mail and we also have a secondary e-mail address for photos

If you have any photos of our recent events or special trains, please forward them to this address and we will try to include them on our pictures page. We are also on Twitter @DavdotFo (FoRSS).

This is our brand new updated website which will eventually replace the old one which became impossible to update or to show any photos old or new. Please be patient with us as we build the new website and bring in new and some of the old information and try to get some of the old but interesting photos too.

We have to acknowledge and thank Geoff and Vicky from @AllTheStations who got us many offers of help and most of all we thank Andi North (@MangopearUK) for all the practical & technical help in actually getting us started. Andi is the boss of Mangopear creative, and has created many top class websites for the transport industry.

Grand Central Trains “Farewell Tour” in conjunction with The Branch Line Society  Sunday 17th Dec 2017.

This tour came through Reddish South on the leg between Barrow Hill and Bradford Interchange and although we had asked for the train to slow down for our photographers,  we were absolutely amazed to see it slow down to a stop at the end of the platform.  No passengers were allowed off as the pathing stop only had been changed from 20 mins at Stockport to 20 mins at Reddish South instead  !  Brilliant.  We just had time to thank everyone for the unexpected stop, and to get a photo or two ourselves and again were amazed to be asked to lend them one of our banners as you can see on the photo. 

This is very likely to be the last time one of these iconic 1970’s trains designed by Kenneth Grange and his team at British Railways Crewe and Derby and introduced in 1975 and 1976, are now being phased out throughout our rail network by brand new trains.

FoRSS are grateful to Grand Central Trains & The Branch Line Society for the use of this photo.

Another photo of the train can be found on our news page


Our resident Folk Duo Ged and Phil entertained us on the Welsh Dragon Cardiff tour and will again be on the Edinburgh Festival Express. Tickets are still available for this tour on Bank Holday Monday , from the tour operators Retro Railtours.  The top photos are from our recent 10th Anniversary party at the fantastic “Sykes Bistro” on Gorton Rd Reddish. Andrew Gwynne MP & Cllr Tom Grundy cut the cake !